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  1. Sample Of my Writings of little dragon book two

    Into darkness out to light

    This year has filled me with tears
    I’ve lost a loved one and a new friend
    Both in God’s hands it made rethink my life plans

    I’ve had work performance issues
    I went through allot of tissues
    Then both of my cars required fixes
    Which is causing me mental friction
    I went to dark place and almost gave up.
    My vision blocked by coffee cup

    Jesus sent my friend to give me hope.
    He also gave me allot to think about
    I went to god for the first time in  a while
    This life of mine has been a long trial

    Church is where I went for guidance
    My heart was heavy Jesus sent others
    Who have shared their kindness
    I now feel stronger than ever and have no fright.
    My future is now lit by God’s guiding light

    Copyright 1/26/2014
    Javier L Lopez.

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